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magneto in action
My Team in X-men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse:

Magneto: Metal Spikes, Shrapnel Sentry, Levitation, Metallic Mayhem

Storm: Chain Lightning, Whirlwind, Blizzard, Rage of Tempest

Iceman: Freeze Beam, Cold Crush, Ice Pillar, Cold Snap

Night Crawler: Sword Whirlwind, Teleport Frenzy, Piercing Strike, Master of Chaos

note: the underlined one are my favorites.
13th-Nov-2006 09:09 pm - My Current Game
cool towel
I just want to post this stuff here so I won't need to write it somewhere else and I will end up losing it.

X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse

My team in:

Act I: Magneto, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine
Act II: Jean Grey, Iceman, Juggernaut, Deadpool
Act III: Sunfire, Sabretooth, Professor X, Scarlet Witch
Act IV: Rogue, Colossus, Pyro, Bishop
Act V: Nightcrawler, Iron man, Gambit, Toad

Pokemon Emerald

My team and its techniques

Venusaur: Cut, Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder
Charizard: Fly, Rock Smash, Blast Burn, Flamethrower
Blastoise: Dive, Ice Beam, Hydro Cannon, Shadow Ball
Nidoking: Surf, Cross Chop, Mega Horn, Meteor Mash
Dragonite: Waterfall, Hyper Beam, Psycho Boost, Thunderbolt
Tyranitar: Strength, Crunch, Earthquake, Rock Slide
2nd-Aug-2006 11:31 pm - BREAKING NEWS...!!!
magneto in action
I just finished my laundry tonight, but apparently I left one t-shirt inside the washing machine. Eventually, I put all clothes, except that one, into the dryer. After that, someone used the washing machine that I used and found that left t-shirt. He/she then took it out. When I went to take my laundry, I found that left one, still wet. So, I took all my laundry and then back in my room, I tried to figure something out to dry that t-shirt, I don't want to dry just that one with drier. So, I put it in MICROWAVE. Three times of heating with full power for dinner plate mode, alhamdulillah it is dry, but I found the spot of it got burned. Oh noes...!!! Well, look at the bright side, free pattern ^_^
magneto in action
Let's see what I can write down today...

Well, today I have done my group presentation in my business class. It was okay, but not really great. It will be fine, insha'Allah. One HW down for heat transfer and tomorrow, I will have the third exam, which happens to be the last one in this course. Insha'Allah I will be fine in this exam, though I need to have a thourough review this evening. That's why I'm planning on skipping teaching Quran class tonight unfortunately. I need to read my take home exam for business class as well and last but not least do my laundry. It has been 2 weeks since the last time I had it and now I definitely have to do it since I am running out of clothes for this incoming East Coast Trip.

Speaking of which, I am so excited about it. I mean, c'mon, road trip dude..!!! Also in this trip, we will visit some universities along the way since my friend will go to college next year. As for his sister who will also in this trip, I think she's just interested in adding some states that she has been in. I'm planning on bringing my Spanish book to have quick review before I will have Spanish 2 in Fall.

Also, I'm gonna have a roomate from Pakistan next week. We've been chatting so far and alhamdulillah he seems nice. He's gonna take graduate level though so I am definitely not expecting someone who likes to throw party and consider studying as the second priority. Well, until the next journal.

26th-Jul-2006 05:46 pm - The Dog is Green...
magneto in action
Oh well, here we go another journal updating.

First thing first. I have this "socks issue". I have lost 5 pairs misteriously. FYI, I always put my socks inside my shoes. When the first one gone, I didn't really take it as a big deal. But then, the second one, I started wondering. The third one, I became more suspicious. The fourth one, oh noes...! And the last time was yesterday, the fifth pairs.

I have tried to come up with some possibilities of why this could happen:

1. A human thief, but why would he/she/they only take my socks? Why didn't they, Allah forbid, steal the other stuff?

2. A kind of animal, but what kind? How big? How did it do that and what does it my socks for? I mean 5 pairs, does it use it to make a comfy house for its youngsters?

3. That goofy chick... She's been in my house for couples of times, but no way, I mean she has lots of nicer socks than mine. Besides, she has alibi, a perfect one. So exclude her for this possibility and why am I including her in this? I don't know, sorry Goofy. :p

Unfortunately, up to this journal is written, I still couldn't find where they are. However, alhamdulillah I got new ones and this time, I will not put my socks inside my shoes. I'll bring them to my room. Whoever or whatever stole my socks, I pray for him/her/it to have a positive useful out of my socks.

Well, that's all for today's news. Stay tuned
18th-Jul-2006 08:40 am - Babies R Cute
magneto in action
Yesterday, another Quran class to share my knowledge with. After that, I was about to go home, but Mr Arif called me to come to his nearby house to have a cup of tea. Well, I didn't have homework to do, so why not? Besides, who can't resist meeting Aisha, his daughter. Wait, don't get me wrong, this girl is only 4. Let me give you their background a little bit. Mr Arif was a Royal Navy sailor and then got married to an Indonesian lady, Mrs Sari and then got settled in Tulsa, OK. They have two nice daughters, Aulia (10) and the Freakin Cute Aisha (4). So, I came to their house, play with kids a bit, then Mr Arif called me and surprisingly he prepared me a dinner. Masya Allah, it was unexpectedly great. I mean I only came to have silaturahim (maintaining good relationship) with them and a cup of tea maybe, but not dinner. It was unpolite to resist so there I was having dinner with this great family. I felt like being one of Mr Arif's children. After dinner, I kid Mr Arif by saying "Thank you, daddy." Alhamdulillah, the kids are kinda entertained with my imitating baby voive. After dinner, Aisha told me to see her "hip-hop" dance. There she was, being cute try to do the break dance :p Then, I, Aulia, and Aisha also pretent to sing with pre-programmed electronic piano. So we sang along "A Whole New World" and "Everything I Do" (weird song for kids piano). After that, Mr Arif asked Aisha to learn to read her Disney story book and asked me to guide her. WOW!! That was a big duty and as I expected I was not a good friend with letters. I really wonder why someone can memorize weird arrangement of letters. Then, I told Mr Arif that I knew someone really good in teaching, especially kids. He said, "then she should teach Aisha." Shortly after that, I went home because I didn't want to stay there too late.

Well, until the next journal. Anyway, words of wise: AISHA IS FREAKIN CUTE...!!!
magneto in action
I forgot where I got this poem, but I really like it

If I Fall in Love (by: As-Syahid Syed Qutb)

Ya Allah, if I fall in Love,
Put my love in someone who
has harbored her love in You,
so I will gain more strength in loving You

Ya Muhaimin, if I fall in love,
take care of my love on her so it won't
exceed my love to You

Ya Allah, if I fall in love,
let me touch her heart
whose heart is hooked on You,
so I won't fall in such false love

Ya Rabbana, if I fall in love,
take care of my heart on her
so I won't turn away from You

Ya Rabbul Izzati, if I'm missing her,
let me miss her who miss syahid in Your way

Ya Allah, if I'm missing her,
take care of my longing on her, so I won't forget
to miss Your heaven

Ya Allah, if I enjoy Your lover's love,
don't let that enjoyment exceed the enjoyment
to pray for You in the last third of the night

Ya Allah, if I fall in love with Your lover,
don't let me fall and be cripple in a long journey
to call humans to be in Your way

Ya Allah, if You let me miss her,
don't let me forget the real eternal yearning on You

Ya Allah, You know that these hearts has united in Your love, has met the enjoyment of obeying You, has united in Your faith. Strenghten their bonds, make their loves eternal, show their way, fill these hearts with Your never fading light. Pour having faith to You to in our hearts, and the beauty of being on the straight way of Yours.

(red. Wallahu a'lam bishshawab)
14th-Jul-2006 05:59 pm - Die you centipede...!!! Die...!!!
cool towel
Here we go, after a couple of weeks not updating my journal. First things first, Summer Training Camp 2006 in Racoon Creek State Park, Pennsylvania. Alhamdulillah it was really great. I could see some friends whom I met a year earlier in the same event although I was a bit dissappointed that some of my fellows didn't make it; the reason was they had exam for summer classes. However, I met this new buddy, his name is Amar and he goes to school in Vanderbilt U. Masya Allah, he was so great. One thing I can remember about him was that he's good in cooking. Even for group cooking, I always saw him assisting those sisters. Well, one thing about this camp, I was the only Indonesian undergrad participants. The other Indonesians were families while the rest of undergrad participants are Malaysian, which is not a problem for me since I grew up in Riau province, the part of Indonesia in Sumatera island that is close to Malaysia. In fact, in my resume, I am a trilingual person for English, Indonesian, and Malaysian. Another interesting fellow, Da Fitr Tanjuang. The calling "Da" is for the fact that he's from West Sumatera. It is parallel to "bang" and "mas" which mean older brother. It is considered unpolite to call an older man without this calling. Da Fitr is an active muslim novelist. You can see his writing in fitrtanjuang.multiply.com, but you have to understand Indonesian in order to be able to understand it. Besides buddies, the marvelous thing was the hiking part and INDONESIAN FOOD for 4 days; I had gulai ayam, telur pindang, gado2, hmmm... yummy. In a case of food, I am an ultranasionalist.

The next thing, classes. Though it's boring, I kept telling myself not to complain more. Remember our fellows who are not fortunate enough to sit in a classroom to study like us. But yeah, it's all about homework, papers, and my Heat Transfer professor keeps saying hilarious things; too much to be written down here. Ow yeah, I guess these days are "Professors Season" for me. I need to find one to become my advisor for my graduate school.

What else I can put here? Ow yeah, at last, I went to Asian Market yesterday and I got sweet soy sauce and chili sauce. Now, I can start my new experiment, jajajaja.

Well, until the next journal.
29th-Jun-2006 09:33 am - It's time to hit the road...
magneto in action
Alhamdulillah, insya Allah I and my friends will have a road trip for a camp in Pensylvania today. Currently, I'm waiting for heat transfer class and after that, I will do the homework after that so nothing to think while I'm on this trip. I am looking forward to seeing those guys (mostly Malaysian) whom I met last year in Indiana for the camp held by same organization. Learning the lesson from last year, I will enjoy the nature more; I really miss forest.

In the place where I grew up, forest is like part of our life. It's just a normal thing meeting monkeys or peacocks or any other animals while going to school in the morning. Moreover enjoying the moist from product of plant's gutation (should I say dew?) is so marvelous. The fresh breeze cool air blowing from spaces between trees, subhanallah, isn't it just great?

Oh well, heat transfer, here I come...
26th-Jun-2006 03:07 pm - a new SI units
magneto in action
Alhamdulillah the first day for the 2nd session of the summer has been awesome so far. Still the same schedule, 10:00 to 11:40 and then from 12:00 to 13:45, but instead of Spanish 1 and Technical Writing, they are Heat Transfer and Business & Society. After those two classes, I went to work in Oliphant EIIS Computer Lab from 3-5 and then I will have a promise to meet my friend at 5.

Business & Society class was fine, and alhamdulillah I guess I don't really have to think about it since I'm taking it as pass and fail. I saw a lot of athletes and nursing major students there and one of my Angolan ex-classmates from spanish 1 was also there so at least, alhamdulillah I knew someone over there. The material was, to be honest, pretty much, I'm sorry to say, boring. However, it is interesting that this class will not have a session on Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th since I'll be gone to this Summer Training Camp in Philadelphia. However, there is this creepy thing about this class. The professor is a double major in nursery besides in business and so she conducted an extra credit for everyone who wants to participate in this grad psychology students. It is said that it's gonna be about influence in physiological condition due to several visual treatments and the creepy part is that she said it will involve some gore and sexual aspects in a video to be shown and on the body of student who's gonna participate in this research, some censors will be put to detect any changes in blood pressure, sweat amounts, and so on. She said it's gonna be 20 extra credits (out of 1000) to attend this research. Though this latter reason is interesting, but still, knowing what's gonna be shown made me feel disgusted.

If I didn't really enjoy that business class, I really really really enjoy my Heat Transfer class. Alhamdulillah on this first day, the material is not getting too hard yet, but the most interesting part is, obviously, the professor. When he explained the sylabus, I asked about whether there will be a class on Monday the 3rd since it's gonna be between weekend and US independence day and I'm concerned about this since as I said earlier, I'm gonna go to a summer camp that day. Awfully, he said it's not gonna be a holiday, I was disappointed at a time since he mentioned "we don't want to overcelebrate this independence day, do we?" However, alhamdulillah in his syllabus, attendance is not included in grading criteria, so I will skip class that day anyway, but then I will have to finish the HW due that day. Despite the fact that he won't make Monday the 3rd a holiday for us, he cracked me out when he was explaining the basic principle of convection, a heat movement where the medium material moves along with the heat. First he said an example of boiling water, and then he gave an example in smoking. Speaking of smoking, he said he's not been smoking since 37 years ago. However, he could still imagine the enjoyment of it and even sometimes he liked to hang around with smoking people to inhale the smoke. In addition to that, he said that he still often has a dream of litting the cigarrete. But the last sentence was the best part, "Oh well, that was several wives ago" I didn't really realize it until several seconds after he said it. He just introduced a new units of times (I believe metric) to us in that class, wives. Jajajaja.

Well, gotta continue my life,

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