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Die you centipede...!!! Die...!!! 
14th-Jul-2006 05:59 pm
cool towel
Here we go, after a couple of weeks not updating my journal. First things first, Summer Training Camp 2006 in Racoon Creek State Park, Pennsylvania. Alhamdulillah it was really great. I could see some friends whom I met a year earlier in the same event although I was a bit dissappointed that some of my fellows didn't make it; the reason was they had exam for summer classes. However, I met this new buddy, his name is Amar and he goes to school in Vanderbilt U. Masya Allah, he was so great. One thing I can remember about him was that he's good in cooking. Even for group cooking, I always saw him assisting those sisters. Well, one thing about this camp, I was the only Indonesian undergrad participants. The other Indonesians were families while the rest of undergrad participants are Malaysian, which is not a problem for me since I grew up in Riau province, the part of Indonesia in Sumatera island that is close to Malaysia. In fact, in my resume, I am a trilingual person for English, Indonesian, and Malaysian. Another interesting fellow, Da Fitr Tanjuang. The calling "Da" is for the fact that he's from West Sumatera. It is parallel to "bang" and "mas" which mean older brother. It is considered unpolite to call an older man without this calling. Da Fitr is an active muslim novelist. You can see his writing in fitrtanjuang.multiply.com, but you have to understand Indonesian in order to be able to understand it. Besides buddies, the marvelous thing was the hiking part and INDONESIAN FOOD for 4 days; I had gulai ayam, telur pindang, gado2, hmmm... yummy. In a case of food, I am an ultranasionalist.

The next thing, classes. Though it's boring, I kept telling myself not to complain more. Remember our fellows who are not fortunate enough to sit in a classroom to study like us. But yeah, it's all about homework, papers, and my Heat Transfer professor keeps saying hilarious things; too much to be written down here. Ow yeah, I guess these days are "Professors Season" for me. I need to find one to become my advisor for my graduate school.

What else I can put here? Ow yeah, at last, I went to Asian Market yesterday and I got sweet soy sauce and chili sauce. Now, I can start my new experiment, jajajaja.

Well, until the next journal.
15th-Jul-2006 01:19 pm (UTC)
creeepy...I killed a centipede 2 days ago
oh and btw...welcome to LJ..
17th-Jul-2006 09:53 pm (UTC) - Da Fitr is an active muslim novelist...(?)
Baru belajar udah dibilang active..:)
Jangan overestimate gitu, Amik.

Salam ya.
17th-Jul-2006 11:16 pm (UTC) - Re: Da Fitr is an active muslim novelist...(?)
Assalamu 'alaikum,

Sia ko? Koq anonymous bantuak iko? Hehehehe. Amik juga pengen belajar kayak Da Fitr, lagi nyari ide ni ha.

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