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Someone has changed the language of my livejournal into Portuguese... 
16th-Jul-2006 04:44 am
magneto in action
I forgot where I got this poem, but I really like it

If I Fall in Love (by: As-Syahid Syed Qutb)

Ya Allah, if I fall in Love,
Put my love in someone who
has harbored her love in You,
so I will gain more strength in loving You

Ya Muhaimin, if I fall in love,
take care of my love on her so it won't
exceed my love to You

Ya Allah, if I fall in love,
let me touch her heart
whose heart is hooked on You,
so I won't fall in such false love

Ya Rabbana, if I fall in love,
take care of my heart on her
so I won't turn away from You

Ya Rabbul Izzati, if I'm missing her,
let me miss her who miss syahid in Your way

Ya Allah, if I'm missing her,
take care of my longing on her, so I won't forget
to miss Your heaven

Ya Allah, if I enjoy Your lover's love,
don't let that enjoyment exceed the enjoyment
to pray for You in the last third of the night

Ya Allah, if I fall in love with Your lover,
don't let me fall and be cripple in a long journey
to call humans to be in Your way

Ya Allah, if You let me miss her,
don't let me forget the real eternal yearning on You

Ya Allah, You know that these hearts has united in Your love, has met the enjoyment of obeying You, has united in Your faith. Strenghten their bonds, make their loves eternal, show their way, fill these hearts with Your never fading light. Pour having faith to You to in our hearts, and the beauty of being on the straight way of Yours.

(red. Wallahu a'lam bishshawab)
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