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Babies R Cute 
18th-Jul-2006 08:40 am
magneto in action
Yesterday, another Quran class to share my knowledge with. After that, I was about to go home, but Mr Arif called me to come to his nearby house to have a cup of tea. Well, I didn't have homework to do, so why not? Besides, who can't resist meeting Aisha, his daughter. Wait, don't get me wrong, this girl is only 4. Let me give you their background a little bit. Mr Arif was a Royal Navy sailor and then got married to an Indonesian lady, Mrs Sari and then got settled in Tulsa, OK. They have two nice daughters, Aulia (10) and the Freakin Cute Aisha (4). So, I came to their house, play with kids a bit, then Mr Arif called me and surprisingly he prepared me a dinner. Masya Allah, it was unexpectedly great. I mean I only came to have silaturahim (maintaining good relationship) with them and a cup of tea maybe, but not dinner. It was unpolite to resist so there I was having dinner with this great family. I felt like being one of Mr Arif's children. After dinner, I kid Mr Arif by saying "Thank you, daddy." Alhamdulillah, the kids are kinda entertained with my imitating baby voive. After dinner, Aisha told me to see her "hip-hop" dance. There she was, being cute try to do the break dance :p Then, I, Aulia, and Aisha also pretent to sing with pre-programmed electronic piano. So we sang along "A Whole New World" and "Everything I Do" (weird song for kids piano). After that, Mr Arif asked Aisha to learn to read her Disney story book and asked me to guide her. WOW!! That was a big duty and as I expected I was not a good friend with letters. I really wonder why someone can memorize weird arrangement of letters. Then, I told Mr Arif that I knew someone really good in teaching, especially kids. He said, "then she should teach Aisha." Shortly after that, I went home because I didn't want to stay there too late.

Well, until the next journal. Anyway, words of wise: AISHA IS FREAKIN CUTE...!!!
18th-Jul-2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Babies!! I'm surprised you didn't faint. Isn't it great?
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