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23rd-Jun-2006 11:28 am - remember, round of 16 starts tomorrow
cool towel
Alhamdulillah I have finished my classes for 1st session. The final conversation exam for Spanish was really great. Though it was not perfect, it is totally enjoyable. One interesting thing, when the exam ended, the professor said, "you can leave now", everyone just got back sitted to their chairs and spontaneously laughed on what happened. I could see tears coming out from the eyes of both prof Chamorro and prof Garmy who tested us that day, it really really touched me. I do hope it was a tear of proud that we have got something in our life from not being able to speak spanish at all and now, at least I believe we can say simple stuff right now, masya Allah, Allahu akbar. I got prof Garmy's autograph in my "Dos Mundos" book right beside her name as the user diarist for this book. It was a great experience being in a beginning spanish class. Once again, thanks a lot to my friend, parani, who didn't lie to me that this class was going to be fun (unlike that guy who told me that film class would be great, it was just gazilion tons of paper, ekh... timov. but hey don't get me wrong, he's totally nice guy). Anyway, about my writing for profession class, not much I can say, except I have submitted my final research paper and I believe it's gonna be great.

Anyway, I got this interesting gift yesterday. It was a turquoise towel and what makes it so interesting is that my name is written in purple on it. This is the first time in my life I have such gift. Well, I haven't used this towel yet because my current towel is still considerably usable. More over, what makes it so special is that it was made by my friend's grandmother. Masya Allah, without being hyperbolic, it is a bless from heaven sent by His angel, Mikail. Terima kasih banyak, Parani, tolong katakan kepada Um of Doom bahwa hadiah ini adalah suatu berkah yang tak terhingga nilainya.

Anyway, I'm still interested in going to second session of summer. Also, actually I still have an assignment to convert some audio cassettes to MP3 format in my job as comlab assistant in english institute lab. Besides that, yesterday, I decided myself to start working on GRE. For everyone who reads this journal please wish me luck, I mean success; no space for luck in this universe, coincidence will not yield to any order, life has an irreducible complexity.

Ow yeah, I almost finished Act I in X-men legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. My current team is Magneto (the best villain of all), Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine. For Act II, I will use Iceman, Deadpool, Bishop, and Colossus. Speaking about Colossus, he's the mutant who can turn his skin into iron. I am actually not fond of this character since he's a gay, but since it's just a game, I am still gonna use it for the purpose of winning the game. In X-men story, he dated Northstar. For gays out there, I'm sorry to say that I don't agree with your way of life. In my religion, this sin is so big that it shakes the place where Allah, the mighty God, resides, wallahu a'lam.

Tonight, I am looking forward to seeing my students in my Quran class. I do hope that they will behave and concentrate in the class, wallahu a'lam bishshawaab. Also, before I forget, I am expecting to get a tasty hot and sour soup today after my Friday prayer, jejeje.

So, akhirul kalimah, wa billahittaufiq wal hidayah, wassalamu 'alaikum wr wb.

magneto in action
Speaking about the subject of this entry, when I was working in the lab, one student wanted to listen to audio material through individual unit player, but it happened that he could barely hear any voice come out from the speaker. So as the official comlab assistant, I tried to solve this problem, I tried to read all labels in the main cassette player controller, switch this button, that button, and some other buttons (while thinking "what does this button really do?"), but still the voice did not come up in the student's earphone. The problem was actually freakin simple, I should have turned off the external speaker option so the voice signal will be sent to the students' units. Aaaahh... how stupid I was. Well, I guess I should read dictionary more since the option for external speaker switch is labeled gemination and I didn't know what the heaven it meant.

Well, I guess that's enough for my job, now about my class. I am so excited toward the end of this first session. In Spanish class, I believe at least I will make B. I know it does not sound very satisfying, but hey, I have another class, so I took this Spanish just by pass/fail. I knew there would be a time where I would have conflict between doing paper for my technical writing class and spanish class stuff. So alhamdulillah, Spanish will be great. About my technical writing class, I really expect to get a good grade on my paper. Alhamdulillah insya Allah I have tried my best and now I am looking forward to having the 2nd session where in my opinion, the real fun will begin, HEAT TRANSFER and business & society. Again, due to priority reason, I am gonna take business & society class as pass and fail so I am gonna concentrate in transfering some heat, jaja.

Astaghfirullah, I still forgot to buy some meats and eggs, will I still eat hash brown potato tonight? Oh noes! Anyway, insya Allah tonight, I will study some spanish more to be prepared for the final, review my research paper, and last but not least, prepare some material since I will go to School in University to make presentation about my country (this is the second time). I do hope I will be able to give my best to those 6th grader so they will not be dissapointed to this Junior University student, jaja.

After all those stuffs, X-MEN LEGENDS II: RISE OF APOCALYPSE. I have had this game since last semester, but I didn't really have time to play it fully and I think now is the right moment, jajaja.

For my friend, Parani, may Allah give her easiness, bright mind, dilligence, concentration, undoubtness, confidence, and pure heart to do the exams of Physics 2 and Differential Equations tomorrow (note: all classes names are not the real ones). Show to everyone that WE ARE THE CURE...!!! ^_^

That's it for now,

Erik Magnus Lensher
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, President
magneto in action
Since last Saturday, I have been doing my write up for my research paper and so, I tried to find relevant sources from library, duh. The peak was last night, paper is everywhere, my house is just like titanic even up to now. I really hate it when source that I got didn't contain any relevant information at all.

It was very often that I was stuck in the middle and I could not continue. When that kinda thing came, I either took something to eat, watched some TV programs (it happened that I watched soccer game one time and Full House on the other time), or sometimes just went to take a quick nap. I tried to take a quick nap from 3 to 4 this morning, and for this time of nap, I had a dream where I finished my paper already, so when I woke up, I thought that I had finished it. But alhamdulillah, suddenly the lightning or reality struck my head. I HAD NOT FINISHED MY PAPER. However, I am pretty sure I got that dream because before I went to this sleep things that I had not done were conclusion, recommendation and the references part.

Anyway, so my paper was about this magnetohydrodynamic method to overcome the problem of scaling and water hardness. I think it is just so cool that with providing enough magnetic field, the formation of limescale can be prevented. I think magneto should lend his ability in any water treatment plant to do this particular technique.

Well, I guess that's all I can write up right now, and I can't wait for the 2nd session when I will study heat transfer and business & society. And I almost forgot, I need to buy meat and eggs. For several days, I have been being vegetable and potato eater.

12th-Jun-2006 04:08 pm - no serious stuff now...
magneto in action
Well, if in my previous journal my tone was sort of serious, let's lose some tense in this one right now.

Let's see, where should I start? Ow yeah, I, my friend, and her mother went to nearby in-state city yesterday for a charity dinner for Jogja Earthquake. The food was great, it's just so nice I can taste good indonesian food after a while. I had yellow rice, gulai ayam, and sate ayam bumbu kacang. Masya Allah, it is just so great that to help our brothers and sisters over there, we have to eat. May Allah ease any problems come to people over there suffering from the quake

Speaking of Indonesian food, in my town there is this coffee shop who makes Indonesian buffet every weekend, but to be honest with you, it has quality that does not satisfy my standard as an Indonesian. Okay, no more talking about this.

We also went to this lake in that town, it was my friend's idea. I wish I had enough time and proper outfit for swimming, I would definitely jump into the water. Instead we were just splashing around very little bit. However, it reminds me that I need to go to swim. Hmmmm....

Now, I'm in the beginning of research week; a research for my technical writing class. Alhamdulillah I have come up with a plan on what I should do at what day and time. It's a matter of executing it right now. Also, this evening, I am looking forward to meeting students in my Quran class. I do hope they won't dissapoint me anymore.

Anyway, I think I need to come up with a new recipe to cook. I have done fried rice, stir fry pepper shrimp, and oven roasted chicken. I really want to study curry right now. May Allah give me power to learn it, aamiin.

Another story, today was my profesor's bday in Spanish class. We had this small party with chips & guacamole, cake, and ice cream. Somebody brought pinana to the class, but we didn't have time to play with it since we needed to do composition exam on the same time. Well, it was a great time over all. Me encanta ^_^

Well, until the next journal.
magneto in action
Here we go...

The fever of world cup has arrived. Well, not really. In country where I currently reside, Soccer is not really a favorite sport. From what I can remember, World Cup is somehow "celebrated" like eid al fitr or christmas. Events of match watching together are held in many cafes, restaurants, or bars when this 4 year fiesta grande comes. However, in the chat last night my friend told me that it somehow interrupts the exam schedule for many students over there. So, I guess not everyone really celebrate it even in the country where soccer is the favourite sport (along with the badminton).

But still, I believe over there you can still feel the atmosphere of soccer fever. I don't watch soccer, I don't have favorite team, I don't follow Spain League, English Premier League, Italian League, Bundes Liga, Latin America League, or whatever league exist in the face of this earth, but when it comes to World Cup, I like soccer. Maybe it is more to the condition that I miss home right now. It still seems weird to me that this big event is only shown in two channel here in US, ABC and Univision. ABC usually only broadcast 2 out of 3 games per day and Univision broadcast all of them, but in the language that I have been learning only for 4 weeks (somehow I enjoy it though I don't really understand it). However, alhamdulillah I enjoy it although I am not able to watch all of them since it conflicts my class schedule.

Furthermore, I guess the fact that lack of getting-into the world cup this year for people back home is a form of solidarity since several days ago, our country got an earthquake disaster in Jogjakarta and surrounding area in Central Java. I think this disaster is a "greeting" from our creator to pay more attention to what we have done so far in this world, especially for people in my country. It is ironic that in the country so-called heaven on earth, the equatorial sapphire, poverty is just everywhere. In a most populated Muslim country, corruption, conflict, and other gazillion acts of wrong doing is practiced. I'm dissapointed that the government over there is still not strict about pornography. At least, if it can not be eliminated totally, its distribution has to be controlled in a clear regulation. I don't want to sound emotional, so I guess I can only pray from here.

Well, I never really have a favorite soccer team, but yesterday I picked Iran when they met Mexico. I was a tiny little bit sad when they lost from Mexico. What makes me interested in this game is because both of this country is currently having "problem" with US. One is for the illegal immigration issue and the other one for Nuclear program. For Illegal immigration issue, IMO our brothers from Mexico are hard workers, they should be given a chance to lend their skill if they want to work in US and that's why I think US gov't has to make a kind of regulation to ease them coming to this country legally. I know it's not that easy, but I believe there are senators and guys in Washington who still look for what their heart is telling them. For Iran issue, I think it's just miscommunication problem. I think everyone has to sit together (drink some tea, eat some biscuits, have some kabab, burgers, or whatever) and talk about this. Don't accuse anyone with no reason. Well, wallahu a'lam. May everyone got His guidance.

Anyway, about world cup, I'm kinda bored looking at Brazil winning it. I hope England, Argentina, or Italy can take their place so I can see other than yellow uniform bringing up that trophy. Well, it does not mean that I dislike Brazil, in fact I really like their style of playing where skill is on top of everything. So, viva la futbol and keep playing fairplay.

Until the next time,
9th-Jun-2006 12:56 pm - Incoming Research Week
magneto in action
Alhamdulillah Spanish has been a great class for me this semester. My professor even take it as a joke if we sometimes make fun out of her way of teaching. Anyway, I'm still in Spanish 1, no Spanish ever before. For my technical writing class, it's gonna be a harsh week for me since we're going to have to do this research. I hope I can find reliable sources for my idea of suggesting my city water plant to have water hardness controller device in its water treatment plant. Well, this is not a real research proposal, it's just to be submitted in the class, but I have to be serious in order to achieve the best result.

Further information, alhamdulillah I have a chance to become an instructor in Quran lesson in the masjid (mosque) in the town where I live. Today, I am looking forward to seeing students in my group will behave themselves since last time they just could not concentrate and laughing around, which dissapointed me TOTALLY. I do hope they will realize their mistake from last time and take lesson from it.

Anyway, at last I do SOMETHING in my job. I currently work as a computer lab assistant in english institute in my university. Being employed for last three weeks with salary $6.50 per hour and not having to do anything, I feel really guilty. There are a lot of audio cassettes and CDs in my work place and it is my responsibility to organize them, but I don't know how, which one is what, and everything is labeled, I didn't want to mess with them. I don't want to ruin everything. But now, one of the instructors assigned me to make copies of some cassettes. With knowledege that I have, I spontaneously mentioned, "why don't we just convert them to MP3?" and she said, "that's marvelous idea". Alhamdulillah, my simple amateur idea is useful and to be honest, I feel flattered for it. You don't have to be an expert in computer knowledge just to convert tape to MP3. All you need is just a walkman, right adapter (buy one from radio shack), and of course, a computer with the right recording software.

Anyway, insha Allah I will cook for some of my friends tomorrow with recipe that I accidentally or I should say coincidentally made with all knowledge of process control that I have. I do hope that it will work perfectly. May Allah be with me.

3rd-Jun-2006 10:22 am - my first journal
magneto in action
Oh my dear, here we go...

What a day. Yesterday, I got my blackout in my apartment and I had to call the electrical company to confirm what was going on. Apparently, I didn't make any deposit to my account. I am still upset about this matter since they didn't really explain the detail on how to make such payment. Well, maybe it was my fault as well that I didn't really read EVERYTHING in whatever paper or e-mail they sent me. However, when I got home last night, I could turn on my light, which is awesome and here I am writing my first journal in livejournal.com

Well, anyway, I'm currently a user of friendster, facebook, and myspace. Though I have hi5 and ringo, but I never really opened it. Then I'm kinda tired of this kind of online networking site. It's just opening ur account, hoping someone send u messages or posting any testimonials, or comments on ur pics, and just looking around everyone's profile, whether they have changed their status (single, in a relationship, it's complicated, married, or whatever they are), and checking whether somebody has just posted their new pics.

Though boring, sometimes it's fascinating as well. You can get surprised, for example: "wow, I heard that dude is going with that chick, so whom is he with in that pic?", "what? she got married now?" or those kinda thingy.

for safety purpose, I won't reveal my identity. What I can tell u is that I am currently a junior student in a University in United States. Currently, majoring in chemical engineering, taking some non-major classes. Can't wait to break this 20 of my age to become 21 and to go home at the end of the year.

Ow yeah, anyway, earlier today, sort of a prequel of the first paragraph of this writing (very early, I mean in the beginning of today, la medianoche ^_^) I got a fresh, hot, tasty fried rice. I was really tired after running some errands that night so what I can say is that rice was an awesome blessing.

What's so interesting about this fried rice is that it reminds me of having my chemistry lab. If my friend just took chemistry lab, I believed she would make a perfect A since she followed a direction precisely like what's written, not like me, which often missed some steps that leads to the failure to some process. Beyond that, I would suggest her to do some experiment by herself. I would suggest to close that recipe book, use your force, as what all jedi masters say. Let the power of your tongue recognize any perfectness that should be achieved.

As a chemical engineering student, for me recipe book is just to let us know what the reaction is, for example: N2+3H2->2NH3 and it's up to us to optimize the plant for this process by controlling the pressure, temperature, humidity, acidity, moisture content, or what ever the parameter is.

Well, I think that's enough for my first journal. So I guess, until the next time.

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